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LEGO LOTR - feature

The Long Road Ahead

Lasting First Impressions of Lego Lord of the Rings Developed by TT Games  |  Published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment » I love Lego. If you were to visit my home you would see my epic 5200 piece Millennium Fal...
by Sean


Week to Week: November 20th, 2012

A Look Back at What Was and A Look Forward to What Will Be » The video game season is starting to slow down now that the Wii U has launched, but there are still a couple of games to come that you should keep your eye out for. ...
by KowZ


The Building Blocks of Fun

Lasting First Impressions of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game from TT Games and Disney Interactive I love Lego.  I have loved Lego since my 6th birthday when I received my first Legoland LL924 Space Cruiser.&#...
by Sean