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Primordial Beauty

Lasting First Impressions of Primordia Developed by Wormwood Studios | Published by Wadjet Eye Games » Primordia is a point and click sci-fi adventure game that begins with our main characters Horatio and his side kick Crispin...
by Diana


Poignant and Click Adventure

Lasting First Impressions of Resonance Developed by xii games  |  Published by Wadjet Eye Games » Adventure games and I go way back. From early text adventures such as Zork and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, to grap...
by Craig


General Review: Puzzle Bots

General Review of Puzzle Bots from Wadjet Eye Games NOTE: I contributed the following review to and was given permission to also include it here.  My usual tag line will not follow this review because I am ...
by Sean